IVF Facts
May 22, 2024
8 min

Inside the Lab: The Hidden Struggles of Embryologists

Two weeks ago, we touched on the topic of mental health struggles of patients undergoing fertility treatments in regard to the Mental Health Awareness Month. Today, we want to look at the people behind the scenes who make IVF happen: the embryologists. 

While much of the focus in reproductive medicine is understandably on the well-being of patients, it's essential to recognize and address the mental health challenges faced by those who work behind the scenes.

Embryologists do a crucial job, turning people's dreams of having children into reality. But this work comes with a lot of pressure and can take a toll on their mental health. A study* from 2022 found that 71% of embryologists felt burned out, and a huge 84% felt some level of anxiety, with 17% feeling very anxious. This is because of the high-pressure environment, emotional investment, struggling to balance work and life, facing tough ethical decisions, and dealing with failure.

The study* also showed that 79% of embryologists were working extra hours, and a whopping 75% were doing double the work because of outdated ways of keeping records. But there's a solution: using software like MedITEX IVF. It makes managing the clinic much easier, saving time and reducing stress for embryologists. The user-friendly software brings all your crucial information together in one single place, making it easy to access and manage from any device or department within your clinic. 

To help these hardworking professionals, clinics can provide counseling, create a supportive workplace, offer training and self-care opportunities, and encourage talking about mental health. By looking after their staff, clinics can build a stronger team dedicated to helping patients become parents.

As we keep working to help people start families, let's remember the amazing people behind the scenes. By supporting them and using smart solutions, we can make the journey smoother for everyone involved.


*Murphy, A., Baltimore, H., Lapczynski, M. S., Proctor, G., Jr, Meyer, E. C., Glynn, T., Domar, A. D. & Collins, M. G. (2022). EMBRYOLOGIST BURNOUT: PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS AND OCCUPATIONAL CHALLENGES CURRENTLY REPORTED BY U s EMBRYOLOGISTS. Fertility And Sterility, 118(4), e66. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fertnstert.2022.08.205