Medical IT Experts in Reproductive Healthcare.

Your brand for optimal performance across all aspects of fertility processes: from patient services to IVF software to data collection for registries to providing access to your innovations and cooperative partnerships.

Patient Services

Comprehensive support for patients and clinics.

IVF Software

 All-in-one IT solution for the entire clinical workflow.

Data Collection

Digital data collection and analysis for Special Interest Groups.


Ultimate access to resources of IVF clinics through innovation and cooperation.

Patient Services

Patient-centric solutions

MedITEX is not only the perfect tool for IVF clinics but also the patients themselves, by providing comprehensive support to patients throughout their entire IVF treatment.

We empower patients at every step, offering tools and resources for a positive and informed fertility journey.
Tailored for patients, the Hope App provides a secure digital platform for monitoring their fertility cycle, offers access to comprehensive treatment details, and ensures seamless communication with doctors for a hassle-free fertility journey.

Streamlining the process even further, patients can now effortlessly complete their medical history forms digitally using MedITEX Survey from the comfort of their homes, ensuring accuracy and confidence for their first doctor's appointment.

Hope App – Digital Patient SupportMedITEX Survey – Digital Medical History

The all-in-one solution for your clinic

Discover the world's leading fertility software, MedITEX IVF, empowering you to digitize and streamline your work while focusing on the ultimate goal: fulfilling your patients' desire to have children. 

Developed and utilized by reproductive medicine experts, MedITEX IVF offers intuitive software with clinic-specific customization options. Experience a wide range of benefits, from comprehensive cycle documentation and quality assurance to efficient data reporting, statistical analysis, and seamless submission to national registries.

With its ability to synchronize data from various sources and provide easy access to patient information, MedITEX IVF generates structured charts to help optimize costs and save valuable time. MedITEX IVF brings immense workload reduction across all clinic departments, benefiting not only embryologists but also clinicians, nurses, and management.

Data Collection

Tailor-made system for data collection

Simplify the reporting process with MedITEX IVF Registry, allowing clinics to effortlessly submit their carefully collected and analyzed IVF data to national registry organizations or company headquarters. This way, National Competent Authorities (NCA) benefit from well-organized and highly specific data from all IVF clinics in the country.

MedITEX IVF Registry is the carefree all-around package for setting up and running an (IVF) data registry. Flexible handling of questionnaires, easy access control of clinics, and very comprehensive analysis of statistics and reports. MedITEX IVF Registry eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. Through seamless interface integration, collected data is automatically and accurately reported to the NCA, simplifying the entire process.


Providing access for your innovations

As an internationally recognized brand, MedITEX boasts global cooperation, granting access to a wealth of information and expertise, while facilitating the realization of your innovative ideas.

We welcome new ideas and collaborations, leveraging our extensive network of clinics and experts to provide access to a vast amount of valuable data. With our cutting-edge technology, we empower you to bring your innovations to life. Our products are trusted by clinics and patients worldwide, making them an ideal platform for effective advertisement and marketing strategies.

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Testimonials from
our valued customers

Easy access to friendly support
"MedITEX provides a series of modules and interfaces that perfectly satisfy all our needs. The constant upgrades and addition of new functionalities give us access to the latest technologies. Easy access to a friendly and helpful support team."
Fertility Center Berlin, DE,
"Excellent, reliable, good integration with third party applications. MedITEX covers all aspects of the clinic's operations, and it provides regular upgrades and good support."
Manchester Fertility, UK,
A pleasure to work with
"MedITEX is a pleasure to work with, providing training, support and contextual advice on an ongoing basis. They have a deep insight on the capabilities of their systems and do their utmost to help accommodate workflows and clinic needs."
Premium Health, US,
Remarkable impact on patients
"To say it in a few words, MedITEX organizes and facilitates the work in Reproductive Medicine. It allowed us to achieve paperless operations, streamlined decisions during meetings, and generated a remarkable impact on our patients."
Fertya, AR,
"MedITEX has really become mission-critical for us, from our reception to the embryology lab. It is easy to use, has terrific reporting functionalities and outstanding support."
Fakih IVF, AE,
Regular developments
"We chose MedITEX for our 5 IVF clinics after careful evaluation of all the top contenders. Excellent partner – quick to respond and direct access to experts. Yearly development projects with MedITEX to improve our service to patients and staff."
Fertility Associates, NZ,
Convenient, clear and precisely
"MedITEX - our favorite software for convenient and clear documentation of our treatment cycles. Practical additional tools enable us to precisely evaluate our monthly performance."
Kinderwunschzentrum Frankfurt repromedicum, DE,
“Join our global MedITEX network and become part of a thriving community of fertility professionals and clinics worldwide. Benefit from valuable connections, collaborative opportunities, and access to cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine. Together, let's shape the future of fertility care and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients around the world.”

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