MedITEX IVF Registry

What is MedITEX IVF Registry?

MedITEX IVF Registry is a standalone eco system for collecting (IVF) data from clinics in a specific targetgroup. It offers you out of the box modules that are customisable and can also be localised. It wascreated to meet the requirements of national registries, societies or clinic associations.

What features does it include?

For the registry organization:

Either as a SAAS or embedded in your own infrastructure, the system offers fullcontrol over all sub-areas. Flexible handling of questionnaires, easy accesscontrol of clinics and very comprehensive analysis of statistics and reports.In simple words:

the carefree all-round package for setting up and running an (IVF) data registry.

For the clinics:

There are two ways to report the required data.

The questionnaire provided by the registry is made available online for inputvia web app. This is primarily addressed to clinics (clinic 1) that do not yet usetheir own in-house documentation software.For all clinics (clinic 2) that already use their own EHR/EMR for datadocumentation, there is a simple programmable interface (API) through whichthe relevant information is transmitted at the push of a button without doubledata entry.

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