Discover the Future of Fertility Management

IVF Software meets Fertility App

At MedITEX, we stand for fertility expertise and high-quality IT solutions.
That’s why we’re excited to present our connection with the Hope Fertility App, designed to revolutionize fertility care for clinics and patients.
Our joint mission is to streamline patient management within fertility clinics, offering unmatched convenience, security, and efficiency.

Why did MedITEX IVF choose the Hope Fertility App?

Latest Interface Technology (REST API)
Perfactly tailored around the needs of patients and clinics
Privacy and system security are our top priority
Product life cycle closely linked to our software development
With seamless integration, the Hope Fertility App and MedITEX IVF provide a comprehensive
solution tailored to your clinic's unique needs.
Expect simplified data management, personalized patient support, and
a new level of excellence in fertility care.

How does the Hope Fertility App
improve your workflow?

Cycle & Health Tracker
Patient reported outcome.
Patient Management App
Automated integration at all IVF centers using MedITEX IVF.
e-Medical History
Digital-assisted medical history by activating MedITEX Survey.
Education & Knowledge Transfer
Sharing clinic-verified information and guidance to help empower and inform patient
Data is not stored. It remains within your clinic & your patient`s phone.
Data is transferred using asymmetrical end-to-end encyrption with 1048-bit protection.
Complete Control
You have complete control over the information your patients receive.
You are actively sending all necessary information to your patients.

Interested? Contact us!

Andrew Berkley,  IVF Solutions Ltd.
Distributor of MedITEX, UK & Ireland
Alina Latus, Hope Fertility App
Exclusive Partner of MedITEX

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